Founded in 1996, Open Creative is a recognized Asian-based digital engineering consultancy integrating e-business strategy, marketing and technology from website brand management, building e-commerce shops, developing web and mobile applications to delivering targeted online marketing campaigns.

The world of digital technology is changing day by day and has become a maze of confusing buzzwords. Our approach is to make the complex simple, understandable and usable. As an intelligent and resourceful solutions provider, Open Creative is reinventing commerce and communications using multiple best-of-breed technologies to create exceptional and compelling digital experiences.

Our Capabilities


  • Online brand management
  • Ecommerce retail solutions
  • O2O project management
  • Interactive e-learning programs


  • Intuitive user interface frontend design
  • Multi-channel viral campaign creation, online banner ads, eDMs
  • Customer experience management, social media channel promotions, chatbots
  • Multi-lingual content management systems


  • Full-stack web services development
  • Mobile e-business application design
  • Legacy website optimization, bug-free maintenance & re-deployment
  • Scalable server management & data security


Our in-house design and programming teams have an accumulated amount of proprietary knowledge capital, in-depth vertical industry expertise and proven delivery capabilities in providing uniquely tailored technology and creative services — and we do it fast and effectively, offering digital transformation solutions to deliver and connect across all platforms, devices & interfaces.

The Team

By adopting our strategic learning-informed- and creative knowledge best practices from the past 28 years, we created a diverse working culture around a cross-functional, talented team that’s committed to being innovative, responsive and agile. Our people have hands-on experience and are considered implementation experts of the net-errati.